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I blog about frontend web development and remote work

Frontend Engineering Lead at Blink22. I also make OSS contributions, write blog posts, and create videos on YouTube about frontend web development and remote work.

Leveraging React Helmet to Boost the SEO Score for Your React Single Page Applications

Discover how to boost your React Single Page Application's (SPA) SEO with React Helmet, a powerful tool for managing changes to your document's head tags. Dive into our comprehensive guide where we explore how to effectively leverage this reusable React component to improve your website's visibility on search engines, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement. From updating title tags and meta descriptions to managing canonical URLs and social media metadata, learn how to unlock the full potential of React Helmet for your React SPA's SEO.

June 14th, 20232 min read

My Desk Setup

Many people asked me about my desk setup, my standing desk, office chair, laptop, and monitor. In this article, I'll be going through these items.

March 18th, 20221 min read

Sending asynchronous requests after leaving a page

Most of us must have struggled in the past with sending asynchronous requests when a user decides to leave a page. Whether you're trying to send analytics data or sending a small application-specific data to the backend when the user decides to leave your page

November 28th, 20212 min read

Succinct/concise syntax for optional object keys in ES6

Did you ever need to type a condition to add a new key to your JS object? This article has an ES6 shortcut for you!

March 6th, 20211 min read
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