StorageOS App

2016-2017    UK

Occupation: Front-end Web Developer at Webee.
Note: I worked on the front-end of phase-2 of that app along with two other front-end developers at Webee.
Technologies: React.js, Redux, Immutable.js, Sass, Gulp, Git, Heroku.

Discoverly App

2016    CA

Occupation: Freelance Front-end Web Developer at
Note: I've converted the PSD to HTML5, then integrated that to an Angular 1.5 app I wrote for the given mock RESTful APIs. Another developer took over to integrate that to the production backend.

Aquaphoton's Website

2015    EG

Occupation: Freelance Front-end Web Developer.
Note: It was my first project. I've designed the website from scratch and converted it to HTML5.
Technologies: Handlebars.js, HTML5, Less, Grunt, Git.